Let The Reshaping Begin!

What's happening Shapers! Dee Best here and I am stoked about all the exciting moves taking place here at Out Of Shape Fitness, which we affectionally refer to as OOSF (dou•ble o sf). In 2016, when we first launched the company, we did quite a bit of A/B testing to see if our message would resonate with anyone willing to listen. 

So, with no money to truly market, we set out to shake a lot of hands and kiss some babies to make people aware of who we were and what this brand was all about. We made some progress along the way but during this time, I was going through life-altering changes which I labeled "out of shape moments". 

I decided to close down the online store and I focused my attention on writing a book. I felt that in order for people to understand the brand more clearly, they needed to know its origin. March 20th, 2018  I self-published my first book; I Am Out Of Shape the journey from being down and out to shaping up.

Now that I have created the narrative, it made the road unwind, leading straight to the creation of the apparel line. The message of being out of shape is now clear to our new community of Shapers. We have added new apparel along with our signature look of the acronym for a more premium feel. 

As a startup in a very competitive field, we know our story has to be the winning ingredient to give us the momentum needed for us to matter. We have to be able to touch the heart of our members in order to promote the willingness for someone to embrace the essence of becoming out of shape. 

So, let the reshaping begin! Until the next time, shape up and shout it out. I Am Out Of Shape! 

Keep Shaping!

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