Monday Morning Shape Up!


What’s happening Shapers!


Here we go! It is time as my main man Daymond John will say, “it’s time to rise and grind!” Today’s Shape up is; let’s get weight serious. What is weight serious? Weight serious is knowing what you need to do to reshape what people see on the outside but first, you have to start reshaping the inside. The way you think about yourself is the key to getting you on your way to the right shape thats best for you. 


I look at myself all the time and I know good and well I need to put in some major work on my physique. Over the years I have done more harm than good to my body, but I know it is never to late to reshape who I am. I realized the most important thing for me to do is to reprogram my mindset to a place where failure isn’t an option. I need to have the mindset that procrastination is a disease.


Listen, you can become the best You ever if you only make the decision to do so. A lot of us subject ourselves to allowing excuses to define us. When will you challenge yourself to be more? Come on man! You can do whatever you decide to do! Believe that! 


Create your shape, your way.


Until the next time.


Keep shaping!

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